In response to the need of both Filipino retail distributors and micro-entrepreneurs, BPI Globe BanKO launched a microcredit product, PuhunanKO, to help grow businesses at the grassroots level.

PuhunanKO is a microcredit product from BPI Globe BanKO, the country’s first mobile-savings bank. As part of its mission to empower Filipinos at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid through financial inclusion, BanKO initially launched PuhunanKO to a small group of micropreneurs in cooperation with huge retail companies and their distributors nationwide.

PuhunanKO is a retail loan with competitive interest rates and flexible payment terms offered to pre-approved clients, which allows them to purchase inventory from distributors. The retailers may avail, inquire and pay for their loans using their BanKO-enabled mobile phones.

Monthly Interest RateMonthly Effective Interest RatePayment MaturityPayment TermsCredit Line ValidityLate Payment Penalty
Value-Chain Loan2.5%2.5%30 days30 days1 year5% of principal


PuhunanKO aims to provide additional working capital to Filipino micro-entrepeneurs and help BanKO’s partner retail distributors to grow their business. It serves a link to the suppliers and their customers using BanKO’s mobile financing system that allows a secured transaction of cash and goods. Moreover, PuhunanKO answers the growing needs of both Filipino retail distributors and micro-entrepreneurs by providing the following benefits:

  • Provide a credit line facility for retailers that increases available working capital.
  • Ensure that suppliers are paid outright in cash.
  • Ensure that the loan is available anytime through their BanKO mobile savings account.
  • Provide loans at an affordable interest rate and payable anytime within the 30-day term.

To read the Terms and Conditions for Loans, please click here