BanKO Instaloan

BanKO Instaloan

Applying for a loan is now easier with BanKO! BanKO Instaloan is an offer for BanKO account holders that have undergone KYC before November 1, 2014. To apply, BanKO account holders only need to fill up an online application form and connect to their Facebook account. Application is easy and payment term is convenient!

Monthly Interest RateMonthly Effective Interest RatePayment MaturityPayment TermsCredit Line ValidityLate Payment Penalty
BanKO InstaLoan (Lenddo)2.75%4.66%91 days7 days1 year5% of principal


How do I apply for BanKO Instaloan via Facebook?
  • Application for BanKO Instaloan is via theBanKO Lenddo Website where you need to connect your BanKO account with your Facebook account. There is no need to visit the Facebook website to connect. Your Facebook account is automatically linked once you visit the BanKO Lenddo Website.
  • Those qualified to apply for BanKO Instaloan will receive an SMS:
    • If you receive an SMS, here are the steps to apply for BanKO Instaloan:
      1. To access for free using your mobile phone, type “bankoloan” and send to 8888. Once you receive confirmation, you can visit BanKO Lenddo Website.
      2. Once you are on, type your mobile number.
      3. Click “Click here to get access code” and you will receive a text with an access code on your cellphone. Type the access code you received on the website.
      4. You will be taken to a third-party website ( to fill up an application form with your details e.g., address, telephone number, email, etc. Fill out the form with all the necessary details.
      5. Click the button at the button of the page that reads “Magkonek sa Facebook at Mag-apply ng loan” Click “Okay” to allow Facebook to view the details of your account. Your Facebook data will be used to calculate your Lenddo score, which will serve as the basis of your loan approval.
      6. You will receive a text message regarding your Lenddo score.
      7. You will receive a text message on your BanKO account within 24 hours if your loan has been approved or disapproved.


How to claim your BanKO Instaloan?

Within 7 days after receiving the text message that says your application has been approved, take the following steps on your mobile phone:

Until when can I claim BanKO Instaloan and where can I claim it?

You need to follow the instructions in #1 for the loan proceeds to go to your BanKO account. After this, you can cash out at BanKO partner outlets or withdraw at ATMs anytime. You can also use it for BanKO transactions such as Buy Load, Send Money, Pay Bills, etc.

What do I need to bring to the BanKO partner outlet if I want to claim my P2,500 BanKO InstaLoan there?

You can claim your money through the normal process of cashing out at partner outlets. Just bring your cellphone (with the BanKO registered SIM) and perform the cash out transaction.

Which ATM can I withdraw my P2,500 BanKO Instaloan?

You can use your BanKO ATM card to withdraw at any ATM nationwide.


Will I be charged when I log on to using my internet capable phone?

For numbers that receive the text message, just text the keyword “bankoloan” to 888 to for free access to . However, there may be other apps or sites that charge you for online access.

I am among those who qualified to get BanKO Instaloan, do I have to pay to access

To access the site for free, just text the keyword “bankolaon” to 888. This is open to all Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers.

I received an advisory that I am qualified to apply for a loan but I was not able to send the keyword “bankoloan” to 8888?

If you are not subscribed to data promos, you may be charged P5 per 15min. If you do not have load, you will not be able to access Facebook. Please note that Facebook is needed for your loan application.

I am not among those qualified to get BanKO Instaloan, can I still access and for free?

Only selected subscribers can access and . Internet charges will apply if you are not able to send BANKOLOAN to 8888.

How much is the transaction fee?

There is no transaction fee.

How much will I be charged for sending the keyword “bankoloan” to 8888?

There will be no charge, but make sure that you have a maintaining balance of P1 load.

Will recipients of the SMS from BanKO automatically be allowed to avail of a P2,500 loan?

Those who receive an SMS can apply for a loan. Loan proceeds will be received once the application has been approved.

What is the interest rate of my loan?

The interest rate varies per borrower.

How much is the installment on my P2,500 loan?

If your interest rate is 5%, shown below is the instalment per week, in a period of 13 weeks.

Principal DueInterest DueWeekly InstallmentOutstanding Balance
on Principal
Week 00002,500.00
Week 1192.3129.17221.472,307.69
Week 2192.3129.17221.472,115.38
Week 3192.3129.17221.471,923.08
Week 4192.3129.17221.471,730.77
Week 5192.3129.17221.471,538.46
Week 6192.3129.17221.471,346.15
Week 7192.3129.17221.471,153.85
Week 8192.3129.17221.47961.54
Week 9192.3129.17221.47769.23
Week 10192.3129.17221.47576.92
Week 11192.3129.17221.47384.62
Week 12192.3129.17221.47192.31
Week 13192.3129.17221.470.00
How do I pay for my weekly installments?

Make a cash in transaction on your BanKO account at the nearest BanKO partner outlet. On the day of your due date, the payment will be automatically deducted from your BanKO account. Make sure that you have enough balance in your account during your due date to avoid late payment fees.

If you wish to make your payment before your due date after you cash in, dial *118*1# for the BanKO menu and take the following steps:

  • Type “6” for Loans.
  • Type “3” for “Pay Loan.
  • Type the amount you wish to pay.
  • Type “CLLENDDO” for your loan code.
  • Type “0” (zero) for the reference number.
  • Type your MPIN.
Is there a penalty if I am not able to pay my loan on time?

There is a penalty of 5% per month (1.25% per week) of loan dues that are not being paid. For example, your loan due is 229.64. If this is not paid on time, there will be a 2.6 penalty fee.

What will happen to my Globe account if I avail of BanKO Instaloan?

Nothing; there will be no changes to your Globe account.

Can I pay my BanKO Instaloan in full?

Yes. You have the option to pay the full outstanding balance when you pay.

How do I inquire how much I still have to pay?

To inquire about your loan details, take the following steps:

  • Dial *118*# to access the BanKO menu.
  • Type “6” for Loans.
  • Type “4” for Inquire Loan Details.
  • Type your MPIN.
  • You will receive an SMS with the following details:
    • Amount Due Today
    • Amount Due on Due Date
    • Outstanding balance as of today (This is the amount needed to pay the loan in full on that day)
What will happen if the balance in my BanKO account is not enough to pay the weekly installment?

You need to have enough balance in your account to pay your loan. If you are not able to pay the right amount on or before the due date, you will be subject to penalties.

To read the Terms and Conditions for Loans, please click here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. Sino ang mga qualified na mag-avail ng BanKO InstaLoan?

    BanKO account holders na na-KYC by November 1, 2014.

  2. Ano ang mga requirements para mag-apply ng BanKO InstaLoan?

    Kapag ikaw ay nakatanggap ng text mula sa BanKO, kailangan lamang ng active Facebook account, at nakatira ka sa Metro Manila para mag-apply.

  3. Magkano ang maaari kong i-loan mula sa BanKO?

    P2,500 lang ang worth ng loan na maaaring i-apply ng mga qualified BanKO

  4. Gaano katagal ang pag-process ng aking BanKO InstaLoan application?

    Ang pag-process ng inyong loan ay 24 hours. Kapag na-approve ang iyong application, matatanggap mo na ang iyong loan sa iyong BanKO account at makakatanggap ka ng SMS mula sa BanKO tungkol dito.

  5. Paano ko malalaman kung na-approve ang aking BanKO InstaLoan?

    Makakatanggap ka ng SMS na nagsasabing na-credit na ang iyong loan sa iyong BanKO account.

  6. Maaari bang mag-loan uli kahit hindi pa tapos ang aking unang loan availment?

    Hindi. Isang loan lamang ang pwede para sa bawat accountholder.

  7. Pagkatapos ko mabayaran ang aking loan, maaari bang mag-apply muli ng panibagong loan?

    Oo, maaari kang mag-apply muli ng panibagong loan. Ang loanable amount ay P2,500 pa rin. Pareho lang ang proseso, pumunta lang sa para mag-apply. Kailangan mag-generate ng panibagong access code.

  8. Paano kung gusto ko mag loan ng mas malaking amount sa aking approved BanKO InstaLoan?

    Sa ngayon P2,500 lang ang iyong loanable amount.

  9. Ang aking kaibigan ay may natanggap na text na qualified siya mag-avail ng BanKO InstaLoan, bakit wala akong natanggap?

    Sa ngayon, mga piling accounts pa lang ang imbitado para mag-apply ng BanKO InstaLoan (before Nov 1, 2014).

  10. Paano kung hindi ako qualified mag-apply ng Lenddo loan, kailan ako pwede mag-apply ulit?

    Sa ngayon, mga piling accounts pa lang ang pwede mag-apply ng loan (before Nov 1, 2014)

  11. Kailangan ba magkapareho ang pangalan ng aking BanKO account at Facebook account?

    Oo, kailangan gamitin ang iyong sariling Facebook account sa pag-apply ng loan. May checking ng BanKO account name at Facebook account name na kasama sa loan application process.

  12. Para saan ang keyword na ito “bankoloan” at bakit ko kailangan ipadala ito sa 8888?

    Ang keyword na “bankoloan” na ipapadala sa 8888 ay para maging libre ang inyong pag-access ng gamit ang iyong mobile phone

  13. Saan ako pwede magtanong para sa iba ko pang concern?

    Para sa anumang clarification o concern tungkol sa BanKO InstaLoan, maaari pong tumawag sa BanKO Hotline 2882 (libre po ito) o sa aming Customer Care sa mga numerong ito:

    • (02) 654-7758
    • (02) 506-7172
    • 09178149305
    • 09178202418