Frequently Asked Questions



What is BanKO?

BPI Globe BanKO is a partnership between the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Globe Telecom and Ayala Corporation. BanKO is the first mobile-based savings bank in the country and its goal is to make banking more accessible and affordable for every Filipino.

BanKO account holders can perform bank transactions such as balance inquiry, send money, pay bills, etc. using only their cellphones. Customers only need to go to a BanKO partner outlet in their community in order to apply for an account, cash-in and cash-out.


How does one open a BanKO account?

Just visit the nearest BanKO partner outlet in the community or neighborhood and bring the following requirements:

  • Globe or TM SIM card
  • Valid ID and photocopy (e.g., SSS, Pag-Ibig, company ID, school ID, barangay certification with photo)
  • P100 (P50 goes to initial deposit at P50 payment for ATM card)

Fill out the application form and submit the requirements.

Register for BanKO using the cellphone. You will also receive your ATM card from the partner outlet.


I’m interested in opening a BanKO account, how can I find the partner outlets?

You may visit our website and check out our partner outlet locator page to know the locations of the BanKO partner outlets.

Using your Globe/TM cellphone, you may find our partner outlets. Just text FIND BANKO and send to 7000 (P5.00/text charge to your airtime load).

You may also look for partner outlets in a specific location. Just text FIND BANKO in <location> and send to 7000. For example: FIND BANKO in GREENHILLS and send to 7000 (P2.50/text charged to your airtime load).


I now have a BanKO account, how can I add funds to my account?

You just need to visit any of our BanKO partner outlets nationwide to cash-in or put additional funds to your account.


How can I take funds or withdraw from my account?

To get money from your account, you just need to visit a partner outlet and perform a cash-out transaction. You may also withdraw your money through your ATM card in any ATM nationwide.


Can I add funds to my account through BPI branches or Globe Telecom’s business centers?

No. You may only cash-in at our BanKO partner outlets and not through BPI branches or Globe Telecom business centers.


I now have a BanKO account, what are the services that I can avail?

Using your account, you may send money to other BanKO account holders (SENDMONEY), purchase prepaid airtime load for Globe/TM (BUYLOAD), pay your bills (PAYBILLS), purchase voluntary insurance (PaniguroKO), etc. 

You may also do your shopping using your BanKO ATM card at all BancNet-accredited merchants and receive remittances from abroad in your BanKO savings account.

Can I use my BanKO account to receive money from abroad?

Currently, only our SENDMONEY transaction can be used to send money with the Philippines from one BanKO account to another. We will announce once international remittances can be received through your BanKO account.


What is SENDMONEY and how do I perform this transaction?

Using SENDMONEY, you can send funds from your BanKO account to another BanKO account. No need to go to a remittance outlet to transfer money. SENDMONEY is also cheaper compared to other money transfer providers with its transaction fee of P1 for every P100 sent. To BanKO account holders, it’s very easy to send money just using your cellphone:

  1. Call 118*1# and press CALL/SEND.
  2. Press 3 for Send Money.
  3. Type the amount to be sent (from P50 to P15,000).
  4. Type the 11-digit cellphone number of the BanKO account holder who will receive the money.
  5. Press 1 if you wish to short message to the recipient or press 2 to type your 4-digit MPIN.
  6. You and your recipient will receive a confirmation text message.

What is the BUYLOAD transaction and how do I use this?

BanKO accountholders may conveniently purchase Globe or TM prepaid airtime load through their mobile phones with as much as 10% savings every time they load.

To purchase prepaid load:
  • Dial *118*1# and press Call on your cellphone to access the BanKO menu
  • Type 4 for Buy Load
  • Type Amount (from 10 to P150 or P300 or P500)
  • Type 11-digit Globe/TM number or 0 to load your own cellphone number
  • Type MPIN
Both sender and recipient (if the sender is buying load for another Globe or TM number) will receive a text notification. The total amount that will be deducted from sender’s account is the amount sent less the discount.

What is PAYBILLS and how is this done?

With BanKO PAYBILLS, paying for electric, water and other bills is now made hassle-free and there is no need to line up at a payment center. Using only your cellphone, you can pay for bills, anytime, anywhere. Transacting through PAYBILLS is simple and easy:

  1. Dial *118*1# and press Call on your cellphone to access the BanKO menu
  2. Type 5 for Pay Bills
  3. Type the number assigned to biller to be paid (e.g. 1 for MERALCO) or 8 if biller is not listed in menu 
  4. Follow the prompts as directed

You will receive a text confirmation as proof of your payment.

Do I spend my airtime load whenever I make a BanKO transaction?

You don’t spend your airtime load when you make BanKO transactions. You can still transact even if you don’t have airtime load.

I’m interested in making my store as a BanKO partner outlet, how do I go about this?

Thanks for your interest in becoming a partner outlet. You may call our hotline numbers (02) 654-7758 or (02) 506-7172 to inquire on how to become our partner. You may also send an email to