Prizes Awarded to Winners of Ka-BanKO Panalo!
2nd Raffle Draw

April 2013

BPI BanKO accountholders Annabelle Mana, Omar Darap, Mildred Laxamana and Stephanie Celerio recently received their prizes from the second raffle draw of the Ka-BanKO Panalo! promo.


Ka-BanKO Panalo! March winners Stephanie Castillo, Annabelle Mana and Mildred Laxamana

Annabelle Mana, a sari-sari store owner from Zambales, won the P100,000 grand prize.  She used the P100 she won in a raffle in theirbarangay to open a BanKO account at Botika Natin.  Little did she know that her initial cash-in of P100 would win her a bigger prize.

She opened an account because “it’s easy to save, and you get free insurance as well.”  She also uses her account to buy load because of the 10% rebate.

Part of her prize will be used as additional capital for her store, to augment the earnings of her tricycle driver-husband.  According to Annabelle, “I will continue saving at BanKO, so I will have extra funds in times of need.”


Omar Darap, winner of the Yamaha Vega motorcycle

Omar Darap from San Jose, Rizal took home the Yamaha Vega motorcycle.   23-year old Omar runs a cellphone accessories store in the Montalban market with his brother.  He will send his motorcycle as a gift to his family in Lanao del Norte, as it will be more useful to them.

“I had a hard time applying for an account in other banks before because they were asking for so many requirements, so I decided to apply for a BanKO account in CVM Santolan Pawnshop last September because it was located near our stall.  Now, I use my BanKO account to pay our MERALCO and Manila Water bills and to buy load for our loading business.  And it’s so easy to use BanKO, especially now that the menu has been improved,” Omar says.

He encourages others to become BanKO accountholders as well. “I asked my siblings to apply for an account in CVM Santolan and they even received a free umbrella!  But even without a promo, people should start saving in BanKO,” he advises.

Retired OFW nurse Mildred Laxamana is one of the two winners of P50,000 in the promo.  She opened an account at the Forever Young Enterprises in San Pedro, Laguna in 2012.  “I used to have a bank account elsewhere but I heard in Eat Bulaga that you can cash-in as low as P50, so I got curious about BanKO,” she said

She used to have an Auto Load station in her small store at home, but she switched to using BanKO’s Buy Load because of the 10% discount, which gives her a higher income.  She also uses her account to pay for her utility bills.

Mildred likes the fact that she doesn’t have to line up at the BanKO partner outlet when doing transactions, unlike in regular banks. She also finds BanKO convenient to use.  “Even if you are not a techie or computer literate, it’s easy to learn how to use it.  BanKO is truly for everyone,” she declares.

The second recipient of the P50,000 is Stephanie Celerio from Laguna.  She just opened an account at Anjo and JP Enterprises in Cabuyao last March.

The enterprising teen-ager has always been business-minded.  “I was only 12 years old when I started selling to my classmates so that I would have extra money,” she said.  She stopped schooling when her parents lost their jobs a few years ago and put up her own sari-saristore at her sister’s computer shop, but she recently passed the Alternative Learning System exam at DepEd which made her qualified to enter college.  She will be a freshman in June.

Stephanie has been searching for a bank to place her savings in so she opened a BanKO account.  “Unlike BanKO, other banks have a high maintaining balance.  I’m happy that I am able to cash in my savings, no matter how small it may be.  I’m also thankful that I am practical.  I cash-out from my savings only when needed.”

Stephanie would like to teach other young people on the importance of saving.  “Life is hard…you should start saving instead of relying on your parents all the time.  If you can stand on your own two feet, then do so,” she advises.


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