Manalo ng Samsung S5 kapag nag-transact gamit ang BanKO Android App

Good news, Ka-BanKO! Pwede mo nang ma-download for free ang BanKO mobile app for Android! May chance ka pang manalo ng Samsung S5 kapag nag-transact ka using the app!

Gamitin lang ang inyong BanKO Android app for Buy Load, Send Money, Pay Bills, Buy Insurance, at Avail Loan!

Ano pa ang hinihintay mo, Ka-BanKO? I-download na ang App ng Bayan! Just search for “BPI BanKO” sa Google Play and install.


  1. Who can use the mobile app?
  • All BanKO accountholders who have been fully registered and have undergone an identity verification process (KYC) check, and aspiring BanKO accountholderscan use the mobile app.
  1. What is the step-by-step procedure in downloading the app using my Android phone?

(a) Log-into Google Playstore. Search for the app by typing in “BPI BanKO.”
(b) Install the app.

  1. I am not yet a BanKO accountholder. Can I use the mobile app?
  • You may register, but you cannot do any BanKO transaction until you have undergone registration and identity verification process (KYC) check. After registering, you will be prompted to make use of the Outlet Locator to find the nearest outlet that can KYC you.
  1. Is there a minimum operating system (OS) required for the mobile app download?
  • To download the mobile app, your smartphone should have a minimum OS of Android 4.0.
  1. My phone is not Android. Can I still download the mobile app?
  • As of now, the mobile app is only for smartphones operating on Android 4.0 and higher. We are still working on the other OS versions of the mobile app.
  1. Can I only access the mobile app if I’m using my BanKO-registered Globe/TM SIM?
  • Yes, you need to use your BanKO-registered Globe/TM SIM to access the mobile app.
  1. Can I use the mobile app if I insert a different SIM into my Android phone?
  • You can use the mobile app using a different SIM, but only until the registration part. Only BanKO-registered SIMs can fully access the mobile app.
  1. Do I always need to have Internet connection to use the mobile app?
  • You need to connect to the Internet to be able to use the mobile app.
  1. Will use of mobile app without connecting to the internet incur data charges?
  • If you’re accessing the app using mobile data, standard data charges will apply.
  1. How do I know if my transaction through the mobile app is successful?
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation from BanKO for every successful transaction through the mobile app.
  1. I do not see anything in my loans summary. What is the reason?
  • You must first Avail Loan to have a loans summary.
  1. Will I be charged for every BanKO transaction that I make using the BanKO app?
  • Every transaction has a corresponding fee. Standard transaction fees apply.
  1. Do I need to logout every after use of the BanKO App?
  • We recommend that you logout when you are not using the application, but the application itself will logout automatically after 5 minutes of no usage.
  1. Why do I receive a prompt from 2656 that says that this might incur a fee?
  • Messages from 2656 are system-generated. There is NO FEE at all when using the app. Just click allow.
  1. Who do I call for my other inquiries?
  • You may call our BanKO Customer Care, Monday to Friday, 8:30AM to 5:30 PM through 2882 or any of the following numbers:
  • 0917-814-9305
  • 02-654-7758
  • 02-506-7172



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